Twelve Points of Diabetes Sufferers

  1. Take care of your diabetes. Test your blood glucose regularly. Adhere to the rules of the diet of diabetics. Don't smoke. Work with your health care team to keep your blood glucose within the target range.
  2. Be more active. Wiggle your toes and move your ankles up and down for 5 minutes twice or three times a day. Put up your feet when sitting. Don't keep your legs crossed for long.
  3. Wear extra wide and extra deep shoes made specifically for diabetes sufferers.
  4. Wear your new shoes at home for 20 minutes then check your feet. Any redness you find must disappear within 20 minutes after taking your shoes off. If not, ulceration cannot be excluded. This suggestion applies to orthopaedic shoes produced after individual size taking, too.
  5. Before pulling your footwear on, always touch it on the inside with you hands. Your sensation may fall because of diabetes, therefore it may occur that you don't notice a small pebble fallen into one of your shoes or don't notice deteriorations of the lining, which may hurt your feet.
  6. If the arches of your feet have lowered, wear individualized insole designed for diabetes sufferers.
  7. Always wear shoes and socks to protect your feet from injuries. Never walk barefoot. Step into water or a pool with protective footwear only.
  8. Don't wear stitched socks or stockings, because seams may generate pressure points on the foot that may lead to ulceration. Be sure that socks or stocking are not too tight below your knee.
  9. Care and examine your feet regularly. If you can't bow down, have a look at your soles in the mirror. If you find cuts, discolouration or ulcer, call your doctor immediately. If your sight is impaired, ask help in the daily foot examination.
  10. Don't cut down the corners of your toenails; let them grow over the cuticle. Thick layers on your skin of your feet must be treated several times a week with a nail file or pumice, or turn to a chiropodist. Never use caustic substances, corn-plasters, salicylic creams or deer suet.
  11. Protect your feet from hot and cold. Don't put your feet into hot water. Check water temperature before entering the water. Never use hot water bottles, heating pads, or electric blankets; never ice your leg. These may cause injuries to you without noticing them.
  12. Please call your physician immediately, if you notice rapid changes in the state of your leg: claw-like curl curving of your toes, dropping of the arch of your leg. Call your doctor immediately, if wound appears on your feet.

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The Role of LBT Kft.

LBT was founded  in 1991. Today, we use state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and raw materials.  Our  orthotists and orthopaedic shoemakers are among the country’s best professionals.  Activities of LBT cover almost the whole spectrum of the supply of therapeutic devices for patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The Company is also able to satisfy the demand of physicians and patients for other devices.