Treat your foot

Silicon Products Inside Shoes

These flexible and soft accessories serve the mitigation of resultant forces affecting the sole during walking. Silicone insoles are also available. These can easily be inserted in the shoes and they ensure comfortable wear.

Stockings and Socks for Diabetes Sufferers

It has sense to wear diabetes socks even in the initial phase of diabetes. Good diabetes socks are seamless at their toes, fit well to the feet, their elastic webbing is not tight, don't cut in the leg, don't mark the skin and don't clench the leg. They are made of materials pleasant to the touch and due to plush soles, they make walking comfortable. The wide toe design offers enough space for toes.
Some types contain disinfectant silver threads.
Please use foot cream to treat calluses, cracks and other injuries on your leg. They soften and hydrate your skin, increase its resilience and resistance against injuries. Most foot creams contain active agents against inflammation and fungal infections. Don't use creams or corns killer patches that contain salicyl or deer suet containing, since most diabetes sufferer don't feel their causticity, therefore they may cause sores.
In many cases the use of compression stockings are advisable for swellings in the lower limbs. Our stores offer extra quality compression stockings that satisfy medical requirements to the maximum, while, they look like currently fashionable stockings. Even for expert eyes it is difficult to distinguish them from fashion stockings. They are for sale in wide range from knee socks, lacy stockings to tights, in all styles and in different colours.

Diabetic Insoles

Diabetic insoles are thicker and softer than others, because they are made of materials that spread the pressure loaded on soles. This way there are no high-pressure areas can evolve that might lead to ulceration of the sole. If an ulcer evolves on the surface of your sole, immediately consult your physician, because you might not use your insoles any longer. In most cases individually designed footbed may help recovery from ulcer.

Diabetic Shoes

Shoes made for diabetes sufferers are deeper and wider than normal shoes, because diabetes changes the shape of the leg. In addition, the thinner insole made for diabetes sufferers must fit into the footwear. Special shoes without seams and pressure points must be made to fit softly around the sore feet or feet that have changed shape. These special shoes help to protect your feet.
If you cannot wear diabetic products manufactured in series of sizes due to your disease anymore, you need custom-made and individually manufactured shoes. Please consult your physician for advice.

Individual Foot and Ankle Fixation Devices

In the progress of the diabetes, joints of the leg may suffer damages over time. Diabetic arthropathy appear mostly in the joints of the tarsus, at first. This is the so-called Charcot deformity. Its symptom is that the bone structure becomes disrupted on the foot with abnormal sensation, while the patient doesn't notice it. In these cases shoes cannot protect the feet and the wear of so-called Foot and Ankle Fixation Devices is needed. Orthopedic specialist must decide in this issue. Such kind of fixation can also help in the healing of sole ulcers. In this case it is recommended to use of devices that neutralize forces applied to the sole.

Please consult your physician immediately, if you notice rapid changes in the state of your leg: claw-like curl curving of your toes, dropping of the arch of your leg. Measures can be determined on the basis of X-ray, only.

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The Role of LBT Kft.

LBT was founded  in 1991. Today, we use state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and raw materials.  Our  orthotists and orthopaedic shoemakers are among the country’s best professionals.  Activities of LBT cover almost the whole spectrum of the supply of therapeutic devices for patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The Company is also able to satisfy the demand of physicians and patients for other devices.